Pro-Action Sports Injury Clinic (PASIC): ELDOA Stretching and traction of the L4- L5 disc level. Years ago, I had a trainer come working for me who introduced me to ELDOA ( Longitudinal Osteoarticular Decoaptation Stretches, is taken from the French. Joe Yoon, LMT on Instagram: “L5-S1 Spinal Decompression Stretch [ELDOA] – ☝ ️ELDOAs were created by Guy Voyer a French Osteopath and are postural.

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March 11, at 6: Thank you Ben and Jacob stretchinv the great info! Mario currently resides in middle Tennessee where he plans on integrating his skills and knowledge in resistance exercise and rehab to empower and inspire those individuals ready to make a change in their lives through health and fitness. Myofascial Stretches will correct soft tissue Imbalances throughout your body.

ELDOA and myofascial stretching – a new way to heal back pain – Urbanfitt

As a lifter and member of this FHT Familyyour willingness to progress will be met by your deliberate attention to be your best and most importantly to stretchig at your best. March 15, at I thought it was time to write a bit about stretdhing since it seems eldooa be taking off as a new more mainstream trend in back health.

This segment is a commonly the source of reduced muscle and joint compliance into extension due to increased demands to maintain high resting levels of muscle tone as a result of overusing a forward head posture. Thanks for correcting it. November 3, at 1: He hopes that by creating awareness in the individual through movement that he can create momentum towards a more connected and conscious culture of health.


It is in this state that nerve compression and inflammation are more likely to occur. Have you been incorporating eldoa method into your rehab? Movement performance and proficiency is dictated by posture. Join us in real life streetching EXOS. Built through centuries of battling the forces of gravity, the human body is an engineering marvel. Four months ago, a guy knocked on my front door.


Have a day job. These pains many times lead to over the counter drugs and even prescription drug use which teach us little and treat or correct nothing. There are many types of massage therapies used but often it is packaged and sold in the form of a simple foam roller or tennis ball to encourage “self” myofascial release.

About ELDOA Method

It is at this segment where humans in general, experience the largest shear combined forces of compression through the muscles, and gliding due to lack of control that lead to shear. During our discussion, you’ll discover: Click here for the full written transcript of this podcast episode.

We can all agree that rest is required to progress and our neck stretchign no different of a body part that gets used daily.

If a client experiences pain because of compression between the 5th lumbar and 1st sacral, the de-coaptation position should target this exact level and not the one above or below. ELDOA postures are very specific compared to other techniques.

Spina even states that he does prescribe foam rolling to his patients, just not for mfr, I guess for trigger point release then, so we can keep punishing ourselves on the rollers and balls.

I think im going to give this a sretching for afew weeks ledoa see if it helps release some of the pain. Shear forces are what directly play a role with aging of the intervertebral discs. May 12, at 2: I have a sciatic pinch on left leg going down, would Eldoa will help me. Hi Kara, please send eldoa. Resources from this episode: Guy developed an ELDOA exercise for every articulation in the spine starting at the base of the skull and ending with the sacro-illiac joint.

The inflammatory and degenerative processes in the connecting structures relate to vertebral discs, ligaments, srtetching joints located in the back of the vertebrae.

ELDOA and myofascial stretching – a new way to heal back pain

Lifting inappropriately Overweight Sudden pressure Arduous repetitive activities Congenital weakness of the discal tissues Chronic dehydration Sudden trunk rotation or shearing force In the event of insufficient movement of the vertebral column caused by a job where you are in a constant sitting position, the rear portion of the disc will be compressed and thus weakened.


This hydration is necessary to maintain the suppleness that is present in a healthy disc.

For me foam rolling and active range of motion training is great but statick streching shuts my body down. March 29, at March 16, at 3: Recovery is tied into progressing your fitness goals and this means understanding total daily and weekly demands. Finding a qualified movement specialist who understands your demands is far greater than finding a physician who will write you prescription for pain meds.

The flexibility gains from Myofascial stretches can help improve your joint mobility, and overall health. By attending the classes, you not only receive instruction from a certified instructor but the full hour dedicated to stretching enhances the many possible stretfhing including: With bones that can take and deliver over thousands of pounds of force, to soft tissues that have chiseled away our place as the dominant hunter gather; we are as much familiar with stress as any diamond is formed out of a coal.

The ELDOA method has an extremely wide array of benefits in both self-administration as well as clinical application. Jacob is currently studying in the programs of a guy named Dr. Thanks for your work!

February 9, at I know its been a while since this was recorded but listened to this podcast again and I am still very interested in ELDOA- I live in Los angeles and somehow have had a very tough time finding where I can take a class…anyone have elroa suggestions? With the daily grind forcing many of us into poor posture, how we direct our active daily mobility efforts ultimately impacts our ability to lift pain free and injury free.

What natural supplement was supposed to be mentioned? ELDOA is a also a great method to supplement into physical therapy or clinical rehabilitation.

After listening to this podcast I did an N of 1 experiment on myself and dropped foam rolling, smashing, etc. August 14, at