Dennettia tripetala G. Baker (Annonaceae), or pepper fruit tree, is a well-known Nigerian spicy medicinal plant. The mineral, vitamin and nutrient composition of. Here are the 18 wondrous benefits of pepper fruit Dennettia tripetala you definitely need to know. Study shows that this fruit is good for us. Abstract. The study revealed the safety of Dennettia tripetala seed on man and the environment. Adult male rats weighing – kg.

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Effect of ethanolic extract of Dennettia tripetala fruit on haematological parameters in albino wistar rats.

Health Benefits of Pepper fruit (Dennettia tripetala) | The Point

Keay attests that pepper fruit produces very pepperish effect when dennettoa. Baker, belongs to the Annonaceae family. Normal control rats group I had highest level of total protein. Effect of chronic consumption of metabisulphite dennehtia the integrity of rat cellular system. Register for an account. Anti-diabetic effect of Morinda lucida stem bark extracts on alloxan-induced diabetic rats. Haematological evaluation in male albino rats following chronic administration of aqueous extract of Fadogia agrestis stem.

Nutritional Benefits Okwu and Morah study shows that Dennettia tripetala contains 0.


Topics Discussed in This Paper. Furthermore, the seeds are popularly stored and used internationally; consumed singly; or taken with kola nut, garden egg, or palm wine, particularly during cultural entertainment of guests Enwere, ; Okwu et al. There was no significant difference in the total protein content of all the treatment diets investigated.

Evaluation of hypoglycemic and toxicological effects of leaf extracts of Morinda lucida in hyperglycemic albino rats. Significant differences were not observed in the body weights of the animal groups at the commencement of the experiment. Absorbance was read and recorded at 1 min. Evaluation of selected parameters of rat liver and kidney function following repeated administration of yohimbine. Both the fruits, leaves, roots and barks of the Dennettia tripetala plant are distinguished by their strong pungent, spicy and pepperish taste, fragrance and aroma Achinewhu et al, Their findings showed that pepper fruit is a good substitute for ginger in zobo drink production.

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For commercial re-use, please contact journals. Comparatively, the study concludes that the botanical insecticide, D. Acute and subacute toxicity studies of the methanol extract of the leaves of Paullinia pinnata Linn.

Therefore, the present study sought to investigate the toxic and histopathological effects of D. Anti-emetic Properties Pepper fruit is anti-emetic in nature being that it can be used for preventing or treating nausea and vomiting. Diabetes Mellitus Coughing Fever.

Bioactive compounds in banana fruits and their health benefits. Pepper fruit tree thrives mainly in the Savannah and rainforest zones while the fruit usually ripens between April and May.

A note on the spectrophotometric assay of glutamic oxolacetic transaminase in human blood.

Log into your tripetalaa. Some of these plants provide us food, nutritional values and health benefits while some provide us with no nutrients and could even be toxic to human health. One thousand microlitres of triprtala water were added to the mixture and the absorbance of sample and the standard were measured against the reagent blank. Enter your email address and name below to be the first to know.

Excess stain was removed with tap water. Urea is the major nitrogen-containing metabolic product of protein breakdown Odeyemi et al. From the above background, it is obvious that D. Despite the use of D.


The chemical grade of permethrin used was necessarily pesticide. The pepper fruit can also act as a substitute for ginger in zobo drink production. Production and quality evaluation of flavoured yoghurts using carrot, pineapple and spiced yoghurts using ginger and pepperfruit. The leaves can be dried and stored for a long period of time without any microbial attack.

This is corroborated by Odeyemi et al. Hematology and serum biochemistry values of dusky-footed wood rat neotoma fuscipes. Pepper fruit has three green broad sepals and fleshy petals that are yellow in colour.

From This Paper Figures, tables, and topics from this paper. However, many people are unaware of the wondrous things they stand to gain from eating this fruit.

A Review of the Uses and Medicinal Properties of Dennettia tripetala (Pepperfruit)

Reconstitution was achieved by dissolving mg of the extract in 2 ml of solvent 0. Another benefit of pepper fruit is that it can be used as a pepperish spice for seasoning and flavouring food such as white soup, spicy fish, hot drinks, alcoholic drinks, beverages, meat, vegetables, stew, sauces and sausages.

One of many essential beneficial plant that we have in Nigeria is the pepper fruit. Foodborne outbreaks in Brazil associated with fruits and vegetables: Some toxicological studies of Momordica charantia L. The observed reduction in serum AP level in the animal groups supplemented with D.

References Publications referenced by this paper.