Heron and Other Stories. Sarah Orne Jewett .. I caught a glimpse of a white heron a few miles from here on Saturday, and I have followed it in this direction. A WHITE HERON Source for information on A White Heron by Sarah Orne Jewett , Reference Guide to Short Fiction dictionary. Use our free chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis of A White Heron. It helps middle and high school students understand Sarah Orne Jewett’s literary.

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Besides, Sylvia had all the time there was, and very little use to make of it.

To the west she could see other farms and forests. From a letter to Annie Fields, written in early Fields, Letters This is the critical passage of the story. Now Sylvie, get a plate for the gentleman! When Sylvia climbs the tree as a bird might, she arrives at an epiphany at the tree’s top. The old pine must have loved his new dependent. It was a surprise to find so clean and comfortable a little dwelling in this New England wilderness. Sylvia left the cow to whatever sad fate might await her, and stepped discreetly aside into the bushes, but she was just whlte late.

She could not understand why he killed the birds he seemed to like so much.


He is so well worth making happy, and herno waits to hear the story she can tell. Not far beyond were the salt marshes just this side the sea itself, which Sylvia wondered and dreamed much about, but never had seen, whose great voice could sometimes be heard above the noise of the woods on stormy nights. It was round here a good spell jeweft he went away. Bring your gifts and graces and tell your secrets to this lonely country child! Early the following morning, the girl decides to go out and look for the bird by herself so that she can be sure of showing the hunter its exact location when he awakes.

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The tree seemed to lengthen itself out as she went bt, and to reach farther and farther upward. They were full of little birds and beasts that seemed to be wide awake, and going about their world, or else saying good-night to each other in sleepy twitters. All day long he did not once make her troubled or afraid except when he brought down some unsuspecting singing creature from its bough.

Whatever treasures were lost to her, woodlands and summer-time, remember! The young man’s kind eyes looked deeply into Sylvie’s own ornr gray ones. Like many other heroines in Jewett’s work, Sylvia has a close relationship with heroon, a relationship that is threatened by the intruder into this pastoral world.


As Sylvie waited, she put her bare feet in the cold, fresh water of the stream. Sharp dry branches scratched at her like cat’s claws. Pool sees a parallel between Sylvia’s repudiation of mature love and Jewett’s own choice never to marry. Both her grandmother and the young man stood up as she came into the kitchen. How low they looked in the air from that height when one had only seen them before far up, and dark against the blue sky.

Sylvia knows that she would be awarded much-needed money for directing him to the heron, but she decides that she can play no part in bringing about the bird’s death. Sylvie felt as if she could go sarsh among the clouds, too. The URL has been copied to your clipboard. Long after the moon came out and the young man had fallen asleep Sylvie was still awake. The child hurried the cow through the dark forest, following a narrow path that led to her grandmother’s home.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The old animal spent her days out in the dhite country eating sweet grass.

Sometimes in pleasant weather it was a consolation to look upon the cow’s pranks as an intelligent attempt to play hide and seek, and as the child had no playmates she lent herself to this amusement jeett a good deal of zest. The young man stood his gun beside the door, and dropped a lumpy game-bag beside it; then he bade Mrs.


The grandmother and the sportsman stand in the door together and question her, and the splendid moment has come to speak of the dead hemlock-tree by the green marsh. It’s a very rare bird, the little white heron. This book can also be thought of as an example of New England feminist literature and sarsh example of “New England Realism” cf.: Learn more about citation styles Citation styles Encyclopedia.

The splendid moment to speak about her whitee had come. When the cow heard Sylvie’s voice calling her, she would hide among the bushes. Suddenly this little woods-girl is horror-stricken to hear a clear whistle not very far away.

A White Heron

A Reply to her Critics. Now she thought of the tree with a new excitement, for why, if one jeewtt it at break of day, could not one see all the world, and easily discover from whence the white heron flew, and mark the place, and find the hidden nest? Yes, there was the sea with the dawning sun making a golden dazzle over it, and toward that glorious east flew two hawks with slow-moving pinions.

He was sarxh because he was sure from the way the shy little girl had looked at him that she had seen the white heron. Though this chase had been swrah long that the wary animal herself had given an unusual signal of her whereabouts, Sylvia had only laughed when she came upon Mistress Moolly at the swamp-side, and urged her affectionately homeward with a twig of birch leaves. The birds sang louder and louder.

Her plan was to climb to the top of the pine tree.